adidas ZX

adidas ZX feel good on your feet. Wrapped in colours and gradients, adidas ZX trainers look great too. Available in a full spectrum of sizes and styles for men, women and children. Choose classic black adidas ZX or go as bright as you like.

The Next Chapter Of ZX

ZX 2K BOOST brings the feeling of squishy Boost comfort to the world of ZX. ZX 2K FLUX delivers simplicity in its most satisfying form with the comfiness of Adiprene X. ZX 2K 4D features a 3D-printed lattice midsole that offers a unique feeling and unparalleled comfort in every step. The ZX range has been designed with everyone in mind: choose your ZX shoes and experience a level of satisfying comfort that can't be understood, only felt.

Bold ZX Gradients

Vivid wrap-around gradients make every squishy step a splash of color. The next chapter of ZX is sensation over logic. Bold gradients on the ZX 2K BOOST and ZX 2K FLUX fuse a forward-thinking aesthetic with the very best tech to take the comfiness of ZX shoes to new heights. ZX stands out as the innovator of the Originals family, living at the crossroads of culture and technology.


To feel the squishiness and comfort of the latest ZX sneakers, choose a pair of ZX 2K Boost shoes. Designed with satisfaction over logic, each ZX 2K Boost model fuses elements of the ZX series with Boost technology to create a new expression that can’t be understood, only felt. If you would like to make ZX retro running shoes part of your everyday wardrobe line-up, the ZX 2K Flux is just right. Mixing adidas styles of the 80s and 90s, paired with the comfiness of Adiprene X, these ZX shoes have been designed in a streamlined look, inspired by the archives. The ZX 2K 4D updates an icon with the highest-tech outsole, ensuring unique comfort and eye-catching style. The adidas ZX range delivers ultimate comfiness with iconic ZX style, making these a colorful staple for your closet.