Women's Training & Gym Shoes

Elevate your workout with adidas women's training shoes, keeping you comfortable from the gym to the studio and everywhere in between. Discover your new training shoes with our performance and sportswear styles.

Womens Training Shoes

Step up your workout routine with adidas women’s training shoes. No matter what exercises you take on, from low-impact to high-intensity, you need a stable foundation to propel yourself forward. Women’s fitness shoes from adidas do just that and more with supportive uppers and soft cushioning. Choose from all-around styles that can do it all like the Ultraboost, Fluidflow and Edge Lux sneakers to sports-specific styles specially made to support your performance on the court. Whether you’re digging up spikes on the volleyball court or going for that extra set of reps, your athletic shoes will be there for you every step of the way. Make your next mile your best mile in sneakers with adidas Boost midsoles that return energy to your stride. The more you give, the more you get back. Go from your morning workout to the rest of your day seamlessly and continue to crush it. Shop adidas for women’s athletic workout shoes that match your determination and your ambitions.

Frequently Asked Questions About adidas Women’s Training Shoes

What is a cross-trainer shoe good for?

Wear your cross trainers for workouts that include a mix of activities and movements, like jumping, lifting, rope climbs, Zumba, basketball and running. Cross-training shoes are made specifically for multi-directional movement, so they’re ideal for the variety of moves in a HIIT workout at the gym or at home. Cross trainers also work well for short runs.

What is the difference between a running shoe and a cross-training shoe?

Where running shoes are designed for heel-to-toe movement and shock absorption at the heel, cross-training shoes are made with multi-directional movement and a greater range of motion in mind. Cross-trainers typically have more cushioning in the forefoot to support landing on your toes, like in jumping jacks or high-knees intervals. Their soles are generally a bit wider than the soles on running shoes to support lateral movements like a basketball player’s shuffles and sharp cuts. Cross-trainers are fine to wear for short runs.

What are cross-training shoes?

Cross-trainers are versatile all-around fitness shoes that are made for movement in multiple directions. The shoes typically provide sturdy heel support and thick midsoles for grip and a stable foundation for moves like squats, plus an upper that will stand up to a range of activities. Cross-training shoes are great for HIIT-style workouts at the gym or at home. They’re also designed to support short runs.