How do I find the product I'm looking for?

If you need help finding a product, use our product search at the top of any page. Simply enter either keyword(s) or a product number in the search box and press Enter.

The results of your search will be displayed on the page, with links to particular products or groups of products. You can then refine your search by selecting the various categories on the left hand side of the page displaying your search results; for example Gender, Sports, Price Range or even Colour.

Search Tips:

  • Make sure you spell search words correctly to ensure accurate results.
  • Use multiple words to find specific types of products such as "running shoes".
  • Narrow the results by refining your search to a specific gender or price range.
What if I can't find the product(s) I'm looking for?

The adidas online shop offers the latest and greatest gear that adidas has to offer, however, we do not carry every product that the company makes. If you can't find a product, or we are out of a size, you have a few options:

  • Feel free to call our online shop customer service team (contact details here). If we are not getting more, we'll do our absolute best to find a similar product for you.
  • You can also use our store finder on our website to find an adidas store or supplier in your local area. You can then contact them directly to see if they have the product you are looking for.

Why don't you sell all of the products adidas make?

The adidas online shop offers the latest and greatest gear that adidas has to offer. Unfortunately due to the size and scope of our worldwide available product range, it is impossible for us to carry every product that the company makes.

How do I choose the right size?

There's a size chart link in the product description, right next to “Select Size” that links to a full overview of all size measurements.

Which browsers does the adidas online shop support?

The adidas online shop supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. If you are having issues with one of these browsers, try clearing your cookies and temporary internet files, then make sure cookies for the adidas website are enabled. This should solve most problems.

What do I do if my question isn't covered here?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, we recommend you reaching out to our Customer Support Team here , and our advisors will be happy to assist you.