How to Keep your Sneakers From Losing Their Shape

All sneaker lovers know that you need to take care of your favourite sneakers for them to remain in good condition. Read our simple guide to help keep your sneakers from losing their shape or becoming creased.


Take care of your sneakers by following our do's and don’ts guide below.


  • Use different sneakers: We know you have your favourites, but regularly using different sneakers will help to keep all your shoes in good condition.
  • Become friends with your shoehorn and laces: We know what it’s like to be busy, but if you take a few extra moments to put on and take off your shoes with care, your shoes can last a lot longer. Make sure you unlace your sneakers. When you put your sneakers on and take them off, use a shoehorn. This prevents damage to the shape of the heel.
  • Store responsibly with a shoe shaper: Sneaker toes can crease if they don’t have proper support to prop them up. When you store your sneakers, insert a shoe shaper so that the toes in your favourite sneakers have maximum support.
  • Keep your sneakers clean: Gently clean your shoes on a regular basis to ensure they’re kept in the best condition.


  • Use your heel to take off your shoes: It’s easy to want to get your shoes off quickly and move on with your day. Spend an extra moment appreciating your kicks when you unlace them before taking them on and off.
  • Chuck your shoes in a pile: Keep your sneakers organised in a chosen place without roughly chucking them to prevent damage.
  • Another top tip:

    Use the shoebox: If you love your shoes, show them by storing them in their original box. This will protect your sneakers and keep them in good condition. Prevent any toe shape damage with shoe forms.

    Now that you know how to best take care of your sneakers, show off your sneakers! If you’re feeling lucky, treat yourself to a fresh new pair. Shop for shoes.