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adidas Disney Collection



Keeping the same classic silhouette since 1973, the new Stan Smith sneaker doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability thanks to its PRIMEGREEN upper made with 50% recycled content.


Kermit once said, “It’s not easy being green”, but our favourite Disney, Pixar, Marel avnd Star Wars characters alongside the new more sustainable Stan Smith sneakers, prove otherwise. Featuring a PRIMEGREEN upper made with 50% recycled content, the new collection playfully combines style and sustainability. In turn, it redefines what a sustainable shoe can be.
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Cap
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Backpack
Marvel Black Panther Graphic T-Shirt
Black Panther Graphic Bike Shorts
Marvel Black Panther Graphic Running T-Shirt
Marvel Black Panther Graphic Joggers
Black Panther Graphic Tank Top
adidas x Marvel Black Panther Socks 3 Pairs
Marvel Black Panther Graphic Hoodie
adidas x Disney Grand Court Minnie Mouse Elastic Laces Top Strap Shoes
Disney Buzz Lightyear Socks 3 Pairs
Disney Long Sleeve Tee
Disney Long Sleeve Tee
adidas x Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear Vulc Raid3r Shoes
Disney Mickey Mouse Tee
Disney Daisy Backpack
adidas x Disney Minnie and Daisy Socks 3 Pairs
Disney Superstar 360 X Shoes
Disney Mickey and Friends Windbreaker
adidas x Disney Daisy Duck Dress
Disney Mickey Mouse Jogger
Disney Mickey Mouse Tee
Disney Monsters, Inc. Stan Smith
Disney Toy Story Windbreaker
Disney Miss Piggy and Kermit Stan Smith
Disney Rex and the Aliens Stan Smith
adidas x Disney Grand Court Shoes
Disney Mickey Mouse Summer Set
RapidaZen Mickey Mouse Shoes
Disney 101 Dalmatians ActivePlay Shoes
Disney Hulk and Thor Stan Smith
Disney Daisy Duck Tights
Disney Mickey and Friends Tee
Disney Stan Smith Shoes
Disney Mickey and Friends Shorts and Tee Set
Disney Mickey and Friends Hoodie
Disney Mickey and Friends Sweat Pants
Disney Toy Story Summer Set
Disney Superstar 360 Shoes
adidas x Disney Mickey Mouse AltaSwim Sandals
Disney Forum 84 Low Shoes
Disney Mickey and Friends Tee
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