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AdidasMarch 20, 2024
Stadium to Street: Blokecore is the Hottest Trend

You’ve seen it all over your social media feed. Boys and girls rocking football-inspired outfits in different ways. Add a pair of classic adidas T-toe shoes like Samba, Gazelle or Spezial and you’ve got yourself a look. But, where does blokecore come from and how do you stay on the ball with this trend? TO THE #CORE It’s all in a name. As we spend our time finding inspiration from pockets around the world, we scroll and connect with other trendsetters all over the world who share the same interests as us. Our little fashion quirks are no longer sacred to our bedroom mirror. There are others out there who find the same joy in discovering new trends. Thus, the ‘core’ movement began. It’s a way to put a label on niche trends scattered across little squares and GRWM videos online. You’ve probably heard of a few already – gorpcore, retrocore, angelcore – but what is blokecore and where did it originate? THE TIMELESS APPEAL OF '90S SPORTS JERSEYS Blokecore didn’t just drop out of the sky. The trend began back in the 70s and 80s and carried on well into the 90s and 2000s. And we’re not just talking about famous footballers wearing their kit on the pitch or making fashion statements in their spare time. We’re talking about fans who were in the midst of a fashion revolution without even knowing it. Press the rewind button to when British football lovers – mostly men – would fill stadiums with cheers and sport their best outfit, often consisting of a football shirt and adidas trainers. Hence the name ‘blokecore.’ If you didn’t know, ‘bloke’ is a British term for a man. However, the trend doesn’t limit itself to any gender. Another link to this trend is the subculture ‘the casuals’. This is where fans would kit themselves in designer, fashion-forward gear to make a statement when watching games. It would also help them blend into the crowd. Naturally, this saw high-end designers infuse football aesthetics into their collections. So, the ‘blokes’ were now blending fashion with fandom and inspiring trends from early on. Fast forward to the present and a similar movement is hitting streets, and screens, around the world. Let’s admit it, mixing athleisure with a non-sporty everyday outfit isn't ground-breaking, but since the 2020 Euros, football fashion has been gaining momentum. So, what elevates Blokecore from wearing a football jersey to a viral trend? VIBES ON AND OFF THE PITCH Wanting to add Blokecore to your roster? Say less. Here’s the iconic formula to make sure you’re hitting the mark every time while sticking to the retro essence of it all. The rise of blokecore is a natural progression of the stadium style in fashion, and that's why you don't need to be a football fan to style it up. Find yourself a football shirt. Wear a rework of a nostalgic style, find a vintage gem or opt for your local teams — hello Arsenal and Man U! Don’t limit yourself to one colour combo and switch up your blokecore style depending on your mood – or activity. Wearing this trend isn’t just for die-hard fans. You can still get in the spirit with your football-inspired fit and watch from the sidelines. The football jersey isn't the only piece of sportswear you need to rock the OOTD. Cop yourself a pair of T-Toe shoes. A non-negotiable part of the blokecore movement is lacing up a pair of colourful Samba, Gazelle or Spezial shoes. Campus or Adidas VL Courts are also a versatile option for your fit check. Whether you’re a football fan or in it for the aesthetic, find yourself a football-inspired jersey and wear it the way you want to tap into the blokecore trend. BLOKETTE: TWO TRENDS BLEND Along with blokecore aesthetic, the coquette has been booming on social media and IRL. Coquette can be seen as the complete opposite of boisterous football crowds and androgynous outfits. Bows, ballet-aesthetic and Bridgerton vibes in one, this trend combines all things princess-y. But what happens when two fashion-forward trends collide? You get… drumroll please…Blokette. This is all about merging two seemingly different aesthetics. It’s the contrast between feminine and football. Big and baggy and frilly and flowy. Recently, supermodels and trendsetters have joined the Blokette hype, pairing their choice of football jerseys and skirts with adidas trainers. Because who says you can’t wear calf-length socks with ballet pumps, a corseted dress with sneakers, or your football shirt with a lacy skirt and legwarmers? The blokette trend is a testament to true style lovers doing their thing with confidence and pushing boundaries when it comes to fashion norms. There’s no room for sticking to rules or colouring within the lines. If anything, blokette is a reminder to express yourself in a way that works for you. SPORT IT YOUR WAY With a rich history and an exciting future ahead, it’s no surprise this football-inspired trend isn't going anywhere. So, whether you’re showing your love for your team or just want an on-trend way to wear your T-toe adidas sneakers, adding some replicas or authentic jerseys to your wardrobe is the way to go.

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